Hello and


Drop one of my singles in your record player and kick on your shoes, it's time to get up.



Growing up in a musically driven family gave me creative agency to express myself. My first time rapping was when I was 13, my father helped me to drop my first single. My school was very competitive and having that skill gave me an edge. From there, I fell in love.



My music is personal in a lot of aspects. I like to connect with my fans one on one. I rap to you, as an individual, to be on the same level. If you have something that you are going through, drop me a line about it, I want to hear about your life. 



I find myself getting involved with my community and striving for inclusion for mind, body and soul. I am passionate about helping others to see the value in themselves and to grow through the pain. I've had dark times growing to become the artist that I am today.


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